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Herbal Extractions & Tinctures

From our family to yours many blessings! For generations, our family has used a time-honored method for creating herbal extractions and tinctures. For those who prefer to use natural answers to everyday issues, we are proud to offer a variety of options made with quality ingredients and without chemical additives.   

Our Shoppes proprietor! Doing what he does best mixing and blending his family's  recipes for the shoppes custom blends.

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Herbal Extractions & Tinctures

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Mary-Love this store they have everything I need. In the past I have had to drive to New York City for many of my ritual and spiritual items. Since this store opened years ago I have not needed to go anywhere also thank you Robert for opening such a wonderful place. Thank You!

Third Eye Brew

Now that's what I'm am talking about! This tea happens to be our most popular time and time again. Its perfect combination of ingredients makes this tea an absolute must when working with your Third Eye. Order yours now by clicking the Products link above.

Sarah-This location has the most intelligent, kind staff of ANY spiritual shop around. Smells great, free of clutter and I always feel an amazing energy soon as I walk in. The staff is professional and personal. Great mix of everything. And the items they sell are HANDS down the best of North Syracuse. Great deals. Great staff. And the best I could ever imagine. Finally North Syracuse has a caring and sweet spiritual shop that shows how it should be!!! Blessed be! Hope you guys flourish! Thank you!

Mike- I have been to many metaphysical stores all over the country and Canada and I have to say this is the best. I'm a truck driver by trade so no matter where in New York I deliver I always make it a point to stop in when I can. I have never felt more welcome than I do in there store. It's clean, comfortable, and the staff treats you like family and the owner is full of knowledge. If you live in the area or are going to visit family in the upstate New York region it's worth the drive to take a visit!


For the protection of our staff and community all spiritual services and classes will be temporarily unavailable

All services available from our shoppe are offered by not only the shoppe owner, but also by other certified practitioners that are vetted by the shoppe owner personally.  

Tea & Coffee

Other  in store products!

Our teas are blended right in our shoppe using the finest herbs and ingredients. Our coffee blends are sourced from our favorite local roaster. 

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Customer Reviews 

The best of the best!

Kristy- Very friendly and attentive! So let's talk about how now I am in trouble. I bought the voodoo coffee and I am IN LOVE. it is the best coffee I have ever drank! I love coffee and trying new kinds. I usually drink Peets, as it is the only one that satisfies my love of dark roasts. Voodoo blew it out of the water! Smooth undertones of chocolate and maybe cherry? Unsure but it is amazing!!!

Our infusion process has been passed down from generation to generation.  We continue to take pride in our family tradition of old and we are blessed to be able to offer them to you and your family. 

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Throughout the year, we offer a variety of classes led by our service practitioners.  For access to our exclusive class listings, like us on Facebook by clicking here! 


Lisa-Great selection, very knowledgeable and SO helpful. I loved all the items and love that the owner features new items regularly. I will definitely be back and very, very happy I found a local place like this. Can't wait for them to have events and meet other like-minded individuals.


Not all our items are list on our website. Please stop in at our Brick & Mortar locations check out everything we have to offer!

CrystaI - had a lovely time chatting over tea with Robert. He is very sweet and answered many of my questions about the products in the store. I’m excited for the return of Thy Wiccans Brew. My absolute favorite tea.