Have you ever wished to be as strong as Thor?Or as awe inspiring as Odin?  Try our Valhallablend; A light and bold roast, this blend pack's enough power that you'll feel like you've been punched in the face by the God's themselves! Fitting for a warrior of Valhalla!

 Notes: Bright, floral, vanilla, toasted sugared almond finish!

Taste the spellbinding magick of our French RoastVoodoo Blend.  This roast has a bite that perfectly compliments its dark body with its spicy undertones, giving it it's unique savory flavor. The beans are dark, resinous, and deeply aromatic!


Notes: Bold, mellow, floral with stone fruit notes!

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Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening, heck coffee all day, everyday! No matter what time of day it is, we have just the coffee you need all year long. Perfectly roasted in small batches to insure it freshness. Each and every time you pour your favorite cup!

Beans sourced from fairly traded beans direct from farms with missions of sustainability and ethical practices!

Set your cauldron a bubble with the mildly earthy notes of Witchcraft!
 Reconnect to your earthy roots and commune with the God's and Goddess of the old traditions. This medium blend is perfect for the little witch in you and your whole witchy family! Not to light, not to dark - the proper blend for the proper witch!

Notes: Toasted sugared almond, pumpkin, vanilla; cinnamon spice 

Coffee Blends

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Earthbound Metaphysical

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We start our year with Forbidden Desires !  A nutty roast with bright floral and mellow earthy notes and a hint of spice. The overall bold flavor is the perfect cup to get you through the cold winter months.  Paired with a few slices of piping hot peanut butter toast, it's just what you need to get a snowy day started off just right!

​Notes:  Earthy and nutty,  with bright floral and mellow earthy notes; spice, overall bold

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