Vinegar Extractions

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Vegetable Glycerin Extractions

Apple cider vinegar has excellent health-building qualities of its own, which makes tinctures extracted in it even more wonderful. Some can even be used in salad dressings, marinades or or other food preparation, as well as for your regular tincture use. The shelf life of apple cider vinegar tinctures is very short in comparison to alcohol extractions - about a year or so if kept refrigerated (recommended). Apple cider vinegars are non-alcohol tinctures.

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs infused in alcohol, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar.  Tinctures are easy and convenient to use because they are taken directly under the tongue, and therefore they enter the bloodstream much more directly than by any other means. Although some herbs will have an immediate effect, such as those used to help one relax from a stressful day, others that are more complex by nature may take several weeks of continual use before best results are seen (much like a multi-vitamin).

Store your tinctures and all of your herbs in a cool, dark cupboard. You may carry and keep tinctures in a purse or briefcase. Be sure not to leave your tinctures in a hot area for long periods of time, such as in a car, as heat can negatively impact the quality of your herbal products.

Alcohol Extractions

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Vegetable glycerin tinctures are known as glycerites, and are a great choice for children or for those who prefer a non-alcohol-based product. Normally lasting 3 to 5 years if stored in a refrigerator or cool, dark cupboard, glycerin does a fantastic job as an extraction agent and results in a highly effective solution. Tinctures made of vegetable glycerin are a wonderful option for the whole family. They have a sweet taste to them, which can make even bitter herbs taste great!  

 PLEASE NOTE:  As non-alcohol tinctures do not have chemical additives to act as preservatives, they can spoil or become contaminated.  To prevent this from happening, do not touch the glass dropper to any part of the mouth or hands, and do not let children play with or suck on the glass dropper tube.  Please return the glass dropper to the tincture container when not in use; laying the dropper on surfaces during or between uses may cross-contaminate the dropper and in turn the product.  Dark particles settled on the bottom of the bottle or floating in the tincture are remnants of the extraction process and not a sign of contamination.  If your glycerin-based tinctures become discolored, develop an unusual odor or have light-colored solids floating on the top, they have become contaminated and unusable.  Throw them away.  

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Tinctures are extracted in alcohol for two reasons:  potency and storage life. Some herbs simply will not release the full potential of their attributes into a solvent that is less potent than alcohol, such as water, apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin. It also acts as an effective preservative, which gives tinctures made in alcohol a virtually unlimited shelf life if stored in a cool, dark location.  Refrigeration is not necessary.