Amy D’Angelo – Amethyst Reiki Services

An Intuitive Reiki with a scientific approach and an elemental basis. She also draws on her gifts of claircognizant empathy and channeling to gain insights into the treatment needs of her clients. As a Master/Teacher of the Usui System of Reiki, Amy has the opportunity to educate and certify students in all levels of Reiki. In addition to Reiki, Amy also specializes in Personal Energy Management. By helping people properly manage their energy systems they can help to maintain proper energy flow in their extremities often decreasing pain and stiffness. Reiki and Personal Energy Management go hand-in- hand and often Amy will assign energy techniques as home exercise between Reiki sessions to help extend the effectiveness of a Reiki treatment. Amy also works in divination with both pendulums and tarot cards. Pendulum and tarot card readings are also available through Amy, as well as classes on how to use pendulums and read tarot cards.

A Little from the owner!

Robert Gervais - Owner of Earthbound Metaphysical

Everyday I get asked two simple questions! Why did I open a Metaphysical Shoppe and who taught me everything? ​Well the answer is simple. I have always wanted to own a Metaphysical Shoppe. I wanted to own one sense I first walked into one when I was a child, It also helped be brought up in home where Witchcraft was the norm and taught to us by our Elders. In fact I was creating my fist spells long before grade school.   I am master at my craft, but it is only of the recent years I have started to come forward with the rituals and traditions from the old world and my family, that have been past down from generation to generation.  Some of which I do during my Spiritual Cleanses and Others, I use on a daily basis with my knowledge of herbs and spell craft.  I am known for helping people in a way they can't really explain, I have a strong belief that one's true power comes from within, where the blood of one's ancestors lie. Not only do I use my family traditions and teachings of my ancestors, I am a Reiki Master, but unlike other Reiki Practitioners I use a lot of Pagan and Shamanic traditions in my Spiritual  Healing's.  I am an Intuitive Healer guided by my guides and the spirit world. I have practiced under many high priest and Priestess from my family, Santeria even for a short time under a gifted Palo Mayombe  Priestess. In fact I am an Ordained High Priest myself! 

Amy D’Angelo 


Welcome to our Specialist Page! Below is our list of specialist hear at Earthbound Metaphysical. Each one of us have our own unique stile to help you when a change in your life is needed. Whether it be a spiritual healing form our shoppe owner. A Reiki Session from one of our Reiki Masters, A reading from one of our Talented Tarot Readers and or Medium or even a Crystal Healing Session. 

Angela Richardson

A little bit about Lisa Lu.

I came from a multi generational line of amazing women with amazing and sometimes spooky abilities. Their gifts ranged from animal whisperers, Empaths, Spiritual Intuition and prophetic dreamers. Their example, advice, guidance and unconditional love are the reasons I embrace and share my gifts. I was born when the sun and moon and mercury were in the house of Aquarius, with all it implies. Being a triple Aquarius child i was fascinated with dreams and the spirit world. As I got older I logically explored the Universal Spirit and the Spirit World all around us.  Over 25 Years of exploring and growing of my gifts I gained the confidence to become a Reverend and share my beliefs in the love of the Universal and Universal love, It Should be embraced and respected.

I have always enjoyed meeting and connecting with new people and their spirits. Helping with life issues using Tarot, Oracle Cards and dream interpretations.

 I am a psychic medium. I have known all of my life that i was different from most. I was gifted by the Divine with the ability of communication with those that have passed on to the next World. I was also gifted with the ability to peek into the future with the help of tarot cards. 
Helping people is my calling in life.  My main goal is to help people whether it is with my cards or medium-ship. I love being able to help people and I am passionate about what I do. I can help you avoid obstacles in your path and make choices if you are at a Crossroads in life. I can help show you with the next year of your life can look like. I can also help you find closure for the loss of a loved one or just communicate with him again. One of the other things that I do is show you the signs that let you know when they are around trying to communicate with you. Will you let me help you? 

Robert Gervais

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Please keep in mind the Specialist of Earthbound Metaphysical are contracted individual with there own business or practices. Each of our Specialist have there own beliefs which may or may not be the same of Earthbound Metaphysical.

Lisa Lu.